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Is your school still open? We bet not! Are you spending all your time at home doing online classes and homework? Again, we bet not. So, what do you do with all your home time?

Sure, there’s the world of video games. That’s cool. And you can binge on TV. Sure, sure. But what about doing some reading? And better yet, what about trying a fantasy book that comes with links to unusual activities and extras?

Wanna try it?

Here’s the deal. to help everyone during these stay-at-home days, for a limited time, you can download a PDF file of DARK CURSES AND FAERIE DREAMS. For free.

Just click Here

Once you open the book, you’ll learn about EshSecrets. What are EshSecrets? Well, they’re a bunch of images, stories, and activities.

How do you do get into them? It’s easy! Just click a link. There’s an order to the links. You can read the book and click the EshSecrets links in order or you can jump ahead or wait as long as you’d like. It’s up to you. But if you like doing things in order, here’s the list of links and when to open them.

When you get to the end of Chapter 1: Click HERE.

At the end of Chapter 2: Click HERE.

End of Chapter 3: You can click HERE.

End of Chapter 4: HERE.

End of Chapter 5: Yes, this ONE.

A couple of pages into Chapter 6: Try this LINK.

At the end of exciting Chapter 6: HERE.

End of Chapter 7: Try HERE for a really Ancient EshMagick Story.

End of Chapter 8: There’s another Story to be found using this LINK.

You guessed it: A LINK here from the end of Chapter 9!

End of Chapter 10: Click HERE for another Ancient Story.

Skipping to the end of Chapter 12: HERE.

End of Chapter 15: One of the oldest EshMagick legends right HERE.

Some pages into Chapter 17: Check THIS out!

End of Chapter 17: Click HERE.

End of CHAPTER 18.

End of CHAPTER 25.

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